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Wedding Ceremonies
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Framingham, MA 01701-5228

About Justice Missy Daboul Margolis

Justice Missy Daboul Margolis has spent her entire life and career working with people. From her time as an elementary and junior high school English teacher to her work as the owner of a successful real estate firm, her greatest joys in life have been in making people happy.

She has more than 16 years of experience as a Justice of the Peace. Justice Margolis' motivation in becoming a Justice of the Peace is to bring happiness to couples wanting to join their lives together. For her entire life, she has often been called upon to speak at her own family occasions, as well as charity and business events in which she has been involved.
You will find her warm, loving, and gracious. Your wedding will be one of the most moving and important events of your life. Justice Margolis gives it the time and attention it deserves to make it the most touching and beautiful experience you could ask for.

In addition, Missy Margolis is a fluent Spanish speaker and is currently learning French. She is also an arbitrator for the Securities and Exchange Commission and NASDAQ®.
Missy Daboul Margolis - A Justice for All in Framingham, MA
Testimonials from Satisfied Couples
"Words cannot express our gratitude for the beautiful ceremony you provided."
Shelia and Jeff

"We are still receiving compliments about out ''perfect'' and ''wonderful'' justice of the peace."
Vic and Alicia

"Your words, thoughtfulness, and choice of readings were absolutely perfect. You really did capture the essence of us"
Meg and Tom
Contact me to schedule an appointment when you have an upcoming wedding and you want to make it beautiful.