Creating Customized
Wedding Ceremonies
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Framingham, MA 01701-5228

Customized Weddings & Same-Sex Weddings in Framingham, Massachusetts

As a wedding ceremony Justice of the Peace in Framingham, Massachusetts, I am proud to offer customized weddings and same-sex couple wedding officiating.
Customized Ceremonies
When you use A Justice For All, I sit down and work with you to personalize your service. This includes helping you with your vows and focusing on the important aspects of your wedding. Each wedding is a unique expression of love. In fact, no two are the same. Each ceremony contains whatever traditional or modern elements you may want.

My goal is to tailor my services for you and to honor your own personal history and your family's story. I also respect your cultural background and religious heritage. Most importantly, I spend time getting to know you so that I provide you with the ceremony of your dreams.
Couples Getting Married — Weddings in Framingham, Massachusetts
Same-Sex Weddings
Since May of 2004, same-sex couples have been getting happily married in the state of Massachusetts. As a Justice of the Peace, it is my pleasure to provide you with a beautiful ceremony that honors your love and your rights as a couple. When you call me, I sit down with you to carefully go over the details of your ceremony to make sure your day is special.
Contact me to schedule an appointment when you want a wedding ceremony that fulfills your dreams.